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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please, register for free and get access to the whole range of dates in the Calendar as well as the possibility to save users dates to archive.

I have problems with professional edition on, solar time doesn`t appear, please, help

Probably, the checkbox "Use solar time for calendar" is not selected in your profile.
and/or your Name and Country are missing which makes profile editing impossible

In my calendar (professional edition) pink and red dates are not visible and what does
(year robbery sha and monthly robbery sha, clash with month and year) mean?

To see pink and red dates you have to tick a "clashes + sha" box
in display options of auspicious dates calendar to the left,
and also tick а "clashes + sha" box in display options, while checking auspicious dates calendar
for a certain date taking local time into account.
Also javascript can be switched off in your browser,
then naturally you will not see this (days marking etc)


I got into the calculator - everything works perfectly! I have not seen such full information at any site. The question is whether the strength of Day Master is calculated accurately. On other sites this point has to be checked by hand. Can I use data given by your calculator relaxedly or do I stiil need to check it? Thanks.

Information on the strength of Day Master is approximate. No calculator can give you a 100% accuracy. Moreover, various bazi schools estimate the strength of Day Master differently and, thereafter, get different results. But different bazi theory also varies, thus recommendations often correspond: in fact we come to the same destination point using different roads.

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